Cari Fonseca- Founder & CEO

Cari founded The Next Step Foundation over a decade ago after her son, Brandon, had been involved in a drunk driving accident that killed his best friend and left Brandon with a severe TBI. In the time since this tragic event, Cari and The Next Step Foundation have hosted an annual run to raise money and awareness around the dangers of getting behind the wheel intoxicated. Cari has spoken in front of tens of thousands of high school students across the state of Arizona, determined to ensure others do not have to endure the pain her and her family have felt.

Tommy LeFevre

Tommy joined The Next Step Foundation in May of 2021 as a volutneer speaker after graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. In June of 2020 he was behind the wheel of a car when he caused a fatal car crash while under the influence of alcohol. He was released on parole in 2023 after serving 15 months in prison.

Tommy hopes to share his story of driving while under the influence of alcohol to ensure others avoid the same life altering mistake he made. Tommy informs students of the dangers of drunk driving and binge drinking, while sharing tips that help students transition from high school into college. They message he hopes students takeaway is that alcohol can have negative effects on life, especially if used excessively. If someone decides to consume alcohol, they need to ensure they do so in a responsible manner or risk the consequences that come with alcohol abuse.

Tommy currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of The Next Step Foundation. He has spoken at high schools and treatment centers throughout Arizona and Montana. He will be attending Yale University in the Fall of 2024 to obtain a Master of Public Health.

Sarah LeFevre

Sarah’s journey into nonprofit work was motivated by a personal experience with the devasting impact of intoxicated driving. Determined to raise awareness, Sarah joined the Next Step Foundation in May of 2021 as a Volunteer Coordinator. She was so inspired by the Foundation’s work that she soon took on the role of Event Director. Sarah’s work focuses on coordinating the Annual Vow to Drive Sober ® 5k and Educational Expo, which seeks to make our roads safer by educating the public about the tragic effects of intoxicated driving.

Sarah graduated from the University of Arizona Honors College with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law. She is currently a student at ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor of Law and will obtain her J.D. in 2025.

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